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About Medical Shoe Covers

About Medical Shoe Covers

Medical shoe covers are part of medical uniforms, used in medical institutions. Until quite recently, the shoe covers were used only by surgeons during surgeries. Doctors, patients and visitors had a second pair of shoes (slippers).

To prevent hospital-acquired infections which cause suppurative complications, always use shoe covers. Despite strict cleaning regimes and hygiene controls in hospitals, huge numbers of bacteria enter the facility from outside via the visitors. This may lead to various complications during the treatment after surgical and invasive procedures. Shoe covers help to protect the medical institution from incoming dangerous bacteria.

They are also great for keeping the premises clean. As a result, several manufacturing facilities and public spaces began to use them.

Shoe covers envelop the entire shoe with special cover. Today, shoe covers are being produced from different materials, and have a different design. The most popular - PE shoe covers for visitors. They are designed for single use only. Most often they are blue.

Shoe covers are kept at the entrance to the premises in special bags or containers. One container is designed for clean shoe covers, the other - for dirty ones. Disposable shoe covers from the container used for dirty shoe covers should never be re-used. They must be destroyed.

Please follow the Health Care Facilities Regulations. Use shoe covers. You will protect other patients receiving treatment from possible complications.

Source: Meditsinsky vestnik

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