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We, Scientific-Industrial Enterprise Volga Medical, are a domestic manufacturer of disposable medical clothing and linen for surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, intensive therapy and other fields of medicine.


Our objective is to meet the needs of the disposable medical clothing and linen market in Russia, by manufacturing the products that conform to all international quality standards and consumer expectations.


We register all our products with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, and obtain all required registration certificates, certificates of conformity and specifications.


For the production of disposable medical clothes we use only new non-woven fabrics certified for medical use, such as: spunbond, laminated spunbond, SMS, SMMS, hydrophilic materials (spunlace, pulp), materials with the combination of properties (PE-coated paper, laminated spunlace), three-layered composite materials (viscose, polyethylene, cellulose).


  • completely control all stages of the production process, beginning from the purchase of raw materials from reliable suppliers till the shipment of goods to the buyer;
  • guarantee that the quality of our products conforms to the quality stated in the specification;
  • have the full range of our products available;
  • are able to produce additional products that meet particular customer's needs;
  • ship products by any transportation company at the customer's request;
  • sell high quality products at stable and competitive prices;
  • have an individual approach to each customer (flexible discount system and different terms of payment).

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