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Influenza Virus Influenza Virus

Influenza (flu) - is a contagious respiratory illness that is transmitted by airborne droplets. It was first mentioned in 1889, when the world's first epidemic was recorded. However, term “influenza” was clearly defined only in the 1930s.

About Medical Shoe Covers About Medical Shoe Covers

Medical shoe covers are part of medical uniforms, used in medical institutions. Until quite recently, the shoe covers were used only by surgeons during surgeries. Doctors, patients and visitors had a second pair of shoes (slippers).

How to Use Disposable Medical Face Masks How to Use Disposable Medical Face Masks

Disposable medical face masks do not protect from the virus itself, but from the infectious droplets that are released when the infected person sneezes or coughs.

Face Masks Face Masks

Today, on the street and in public places you can meet people wearing medical masks, thus trying to protect themselves from the flu virus. Does wearing a mask really protect you against infections or is it just a tribute to the general panic to which people easily succumb?

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